How To Get Ex Back

“Discover The Real Secrets To Get Ex Back, Stop Break Ups, And Make Your Ex Fall Back In Love With You All Over Again Guaranteed”

Have you been looking for ways on how to get back at ex? reading books and articles to find the next miraculous method that promises you to win your ex back?

Is there any magic formula you can use to see results almost immediately?

Not magic but I’m going to show an amazing technique that will almost guarantee your success. Use this one technique and your ex will feel compelled to return your call almost immediately

That’s really cool…isn’t it?

I’m sharing this tip because many visitors come to this website asking “how do i get back at ex” or real life techniques that they can perform for fast results.

Let’s see how to “make your ex return your call” ( I mean fast results here!)

a word of warning though!

If you are really sure that you want your ex in your arms again, you need a solid plan to solve this.

The technique I am going to share here must be backed by a solid strategy, otherwise it may harm your position. The Magic Of Making Up lays out a solid plan with practical real life tips for fast results.

So let’s get started

As I said we are going to do something that will “make your ex return your call”.

Let’s first see what you should never do…..

Never call and say

“David, I have to talk to you, please, please, please call, I’m begging of you!”


” Sarah, this is urgent, please call as early as possible”

Have a close look at these two conversations. Most guys who want to win their ex back will do this (and harm their relationship more!)


Because these words project “Plead/begging and emergency (in the wrong way)

Here’s a powerful way….

Use two of the most powerful emotional forces to get back at your ex.

Try this…

“Hi David, it’s Sarah. just wanted to appreciate for what you did for me. Please call me, I want to thank you in person”

Did you notice what just happened. We used the two most powerful emotions here.

Curiosity and Self-Interest

David will keep on thinking (and finally call sarah) “What did I do?” and “What’s she trying to appreciate?”

Curiosity and self-interest when mixed can create an amazing formula immediately!

Remember…! what I said above 

You must have a solid plan to do this.

You must be ready if david/sarah calls…

Otherwise you may completely screw up things and get the matter worst!

Please have an underlying strategy to get your ex girlfriend/boyfriend back. The Magic Of Making Up makes it sure that you have the right tools with you for fast results.

Remember what I said earlier, simply calling your ex is not enough. 


What I’m trying to say is what you do before during and after your ex returns you call is more important than “making them to return your call” itself.

Makes sense…right?

So get a solid plan …. visit “The Magic Of Making Up

My best wishes are with you….:-)